Here my band page

"Red" is an instrumental
"Smile" is a full song complete with lyrics

The other song is just a cover of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" with no vocals and a guitar doing the vocal melody.

Feedback please?
thx guys
thanks for the crit. well i like your songs. red is really cool. the drums sound nice. the solo is cool too but you didn't catch the rythm at a time.you should add vocals to red. you know what i mean? smile was cool too. to sum up: your songs sound great and you should post red again when you added some vocals. I really enjoyed your songs. keep it up
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Red was very heavy, the drumming were very fake but they fit the song quite nicely, it seems as if they are low rated.. Try improving the bitrate of the drums cause the other elements in the song were good structured..

Good job.
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