I was over at my friends and his brother had given him a guitar.
All the info i could find on it was the word ION on the head and a little asterisk symbol.

Needless to say it sounded like the worst thing ive ever heard in my life.
My guitar is pretty cheap too, Yamaha ERG 121C but it sounds way better than that.
What company makes Ions?
Theyre a no-name brand sold at Best Buy and Walmart and Future Shop and such.
I think ION* is the name
Hey man...ions are cool...salt dissociates into ions when put in water.

Oh crap!
yeah, ion...like a lion...in zion

...taxi for seagull!
Actually called Mark!

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...it's a seagull

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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

Yeah, I have a mate with an ION. I think he got it from Argos
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haha Argos, thats where i got my first ever guitar and amp, well, was a present for christmas off my mum and dad about 10 years ago... omg there arent words that can describe just how bad it is, and it looked like a strat copy so its put me off strats for life now