Hi ....im basically looking a guitar to play nice cleans...and to play blues and classical rock (zepplin ..the eagles) ....which one would be a better choice ? the esp is too tempting for the price ...i mean it sounded great when i played at a store ....just wanted to know if i should consider other guitars such as an epi les paul....another option i have is a prs SE ....
If you liked the sound of the guitar and the price is good, then you should probably get it.
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both of them are going to have the same neck. i would go with esp because i have a purple esp and it looks like a strat and it has blues sound.

if you do not like the sound change the pickups.
I'm getting a PRS SE Singlecut, handmade by GOD!

(I'm saying get the PRS)
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thanks guys but i already like the way the ESP sounds ...was expecting to get some feedback on things like quality of the guitar in terms of its make ,durability etc