I'm friends with the guys in this band, and they've been looking to change their genre. Currently they've got two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and no vocalist. They play a Punk/Classic Rock style of music. They've been wanting to change the band around a bit, something closer to Post-Hardcore/Metalcore. Stuff like Silverstein, Atreyu, Bullet for My Valentine and such. All that they've been waiting for is a screamer and that's where I come in. I've been touching base with all the members, and apparently the lead guitarist is planning on quitting the band most likely. He's willing to give a few practices under this new style a shot, but he has his doubts.

Now, I hate to sound close-minded, but aren't two guitarists practically a requirement for Post-Hardcore and Metalcore? I don't agree that fitting the mold is always a good thing (modeling your band after others) but two guitarists seems to be a necessity. I don't know what we'll do, considering the current rhythm guitarist isn't that good and the lead guitarist is by the far the best guitarist in the town.

I suppose I'm speaking a bit early considering we haven't even had the first practice yet, but I always plan for the worst. Does anyone have any advice? Don't bother posting if you hate the genres and are here just to state your opposition to them.


You're really gonna want two. Otherwise you can't do any of the harmonies or make them sound decent at least.
Maybe make a deal where your band will play play mostly punk/classic rock, but a little post-hardcore/metalcore. You might be more succesful if the rest of the band likes metalcore.
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Maybe make a deal where your band will play play mostly punk/classic rock, but a little post-hardcore/metalcore. You might be more succesful if the rest of the band likes metalcore.

See, that kind of puts me out of business considering I'm doing the screaming. Plus, the band's sick and tired of playing Punk/Classic. Their music interests in general have shifted from Classic/Punk to Post-Hardcore and Metalcore. The bassist and I like the heavier stuff like All That Remains and Killswitch Engage, the rhythm guitarist and drummer like the lighter stuff like Atreyu and Silverstein.
yeah at least fit a few classic rock songs and stuff in there because they are crowd pleasers (not saying I love to do that but it helps giging)
See, the last thing our school and town needs is another Classic Rock band to be completely honest. We've got at least three really talented ones and we're looking to stand out in the crowd.
um why not do it with one guitarist? if you can make it heavy and sound like you want it to with just one guitarist then do it. there are several great metal bands with just one guitarist, granted they're not post hardcore or whatever but they're still the same metal bands that the genre draws from.
try it with one and if that doesnt work find another one
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See, that isn't easy. I live in a rather small town which shares it's highschool with another small town. Between the two towns there's only a couple dozen people who listen to this type of stuff, and not even half of them play an instrument. Those who do play instruments mostly play guitar, but none of them are any good from what I've seen. All the decent ones are taken.
Maybe you should look into listening to some Botch, Coalesce, or maybe even Ed Gein in the future, maybe?
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