While slapping...if you happen to slap hard enough so that the strings touch the pickup would that mess up the amp or the bass itself(pickup wise/soundwise)?
If your strings touch the pickups its because they're too high. Tighten the screws on each side of the pickups to lower them.
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well the strings dont touch the pickups normally but if you slap hard enough and the string hits the pickups...would that affect anything negatively?
Over time I don't think it would be great for the pups.

Just how hard are you slapping?

It sounds like either your action is extremely low or your pups are too high.
It depends if theres a plastic cover thing over the pickups.
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i don't think it would ruin the amp. it's not like it's some crazy frequency it can't handle. i don't think i'd worry about the pups either. over time, im sure it's not the greatest for them, but i don't really think they could do anything. I mean people will buy pups for bass and guitar from like the 60's and they're thrashed so, i wouldnt worry about it.
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Well I am not slapping that hard...it just that one day i slapped too hard and the string touched the pickup and there was a kinda loud sound it made...so I just wanted to know if that would mess with the workings of the pickups
i would say it depends on the pickups being covered or not..

if your strings are coming into contact with the metal pole pieces (you won't see them if your pickups are covered) the huge click/pop sound might not be good for your amp.. but i don't think it'll hurt anything else ..
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it's not too extremely bad, though it is bad. On my 5-string i play alot of korn and to get Fieldy's sound i slap the absolute living crap out of the strings on every note, after a while it started making impression on the top of the pickup but the sounds still was constant. My advice don't do it unless its necessary for a sound you are looking for and even then try and find a way around it

*EDIT* Like kivarenn said if you have uncovered pickups i think it can be bad for your amp plus it sounds like crap
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it doesnt do anything....

steve harris clicky sound is quite trademark!

mine does it on my 5th string so i lower it slightly
When my E or B string hits one of the pickup magnets, there's a huge loud POP!!!! and then a spike, so be careful if you're running the amp at high volume.
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^ +1 it can be loud if u really whack it...but if ur playing bass then its fine.

if ur playing cricket then maybe ur gonna reck it!!!
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When my E or B string hits one of the pickup magnets, there's a huge loud POP!!!! and then a spike, so be careful if you're running the amp at high volume.

Well since I play it at like volume level 4, I assume it wont hurt my amp...but to be a bit more specific it sounds like when a paperclip gets stuck to the pickup while the bass is connected to the amp
my do....... but its on purpose.... i put the pickups pretty close to the strings..i do it in a way that really really sounds like geezer butler...... me playing black sabbath's "black sabbath" like with the pickups like that (cose geezer sometimes beat the strings against the pickups, i found out how he got such a great clacking sound sometimes, its like that) sounds AMAZING... i can get some really really cool vintage tones outta my bass actually...
when my bass came the pickups were so high that the strings hit the pick ups, so i just lowered the pickups
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I when my strings touch the magnets in my pickups it sounds horrible. I can't imagine it being good for the bass or amp since it is so loud when it happens.
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