Heres a hard rock song i came up with last weekend. I know the guitar solo sounds a little off in some parts but im still working on that. And i have yet to come up with an outro for it. But other than that, i think its about done.

And, of course, C4C.

This is a song for our band, not a masterpiece that im trying to show off with. we only have three people, so the solo isnt going to have a background guitar (although it could and we just dont have the background one when we play live...).

Not to say that it wouldnt be a lot better to have more than just chords... Still, open for suggestions. Especially on the parts of the solo that sound like a note or 2 are off.

EDIT again:

new version of song is a few posts down.
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That wasn't the greatest song I've ever heard, but it wasn't a total failure either. The solo wasn't bad, again, not the best, but not the worst. I doubt I could do a solo even that good, I don't know. One big problem, it's very boring. You need at least some drums goin on. In the solo you should put guitar in the background too.
I wish you could put it on guitar pro or something so I could see it written down so I could help you more. If you could do that I might try to give some suggestioins for an outro if you'd want me too. I don't know.

Ok. Back to the point. Not a bad song. 6.5/10
i liked the overall song, but it does gets repetitive at some parts ( nothing some lyrics can't fix), the solo is good but gets boring, maybe change the speed at some points to make it flow into something bigger. Also a lead guitar in the background would be cool.

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Yes, rodrigomierh, i remember criting chiclets lol. its saved on my computer i liked it so much. but ill still crit another lol.

Anyway, i added a rhythm guitar to the solo section, and a little bit to right after it, and i change a part or 2 of the solo a little bit. So here it is.
sounds better with the rhythm guitar on the solo.....nice job overall i could imagine it as a catchy indie/modern hard rock song. reminds me a bit like bohemian like you....but yeah i like it 8/10
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I didn't really like it until you got to the solo, I thought it was boring but man once it hit the solo I loved it. It shows that you don't have to play something fast to have a good solo, I give you a 8.5/10
Thanks for the crits, guys. I figured it might get sort of boring up till the solo because its basically just chords, but if my band likes it then lyrics should help with that. Im going to guess that i at least came up with a decent solo then? lol. Well, Ill continue to work on it. I dont know why, but the second time it does the high pitched riff that you hear at the beginning, the MIDI doesnt kill the first 6-7 notes after it makes them, so it sounds a little ear-killing. Its supposed to sound just like the beginning.

Any suggestions are openly welcome =D.
That really didn't sound bad at all. For something that was almost purely simple powerchords, I thought it was very interesting. There is only one thing I didn't really agree with though. I didn't like the use of the E5 chord in bar four of the pre chorus. But, that's all.

The bass breakdown was fabulous as well, and same with the solo. I thought it was going to be very plain and boring, but when the rhythm guitar supported the lead, I loved it.

It really isn't my thing, but I can't see anything wrong with it.

Congratulations =)
I thought it was kinda boring up until the bass breakdown and the solo. I LOVED the solo. That was definitely the highlight of the song.

Overall 6.5/10. Not too bad.

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I get the feeling you were trying to write a punk song when you started with this. I get a kinda new school punk song from it. I like it actually.
The breakdown was pretty sweet, very nice bass line throughtout the whole piece.
The solo was pretty nice. All in all a very nice tune man. Keep it up.
Thanks for the crit on my piece.