New song just put up on the myspace.. now 3 full length songs up.. still no vocals or drums yet, both of which we know we need.. but check out the music and let us know what you think.. c4c of course

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In No Uncertain Terms

Wow so to say hte least once you guys get a drummer and a singer you will be kicking some major ass...I loved them all

THe ugitar is very anthraxnessy but yet very mellow i love it great job! mind criting mine? only guitar and vocals right now lol

Forever I need you

(btw I live in Albemarle Northcarolina!...sending you a friend request!)
pretty nice work. actually reminds me of the pillows for some reason. but anyway, i like it. it feels maybe a little generic and possibly too long, but those are probably just because of the lack of vocals. overall, very nice work.

if you have the time, here is my new song-
i'd certainly appreciate a crit, if you have the time/feel like it
drape yourself in greenery, become part of the scenery
-British Sea Power
yeah our songs are def gonna sound boring right now without vocals but hopefully sometime soon we can fix that.. and thanks for the good feedback guys.. will crit yours tomorrow.. i just got in and im exhausted.. but i def will then..