I'm in the market for some new pedals now. I'm in search of a compressor/sustain pedal and an echo pedal.


Under $150 at most.
Basically anything but the line 6


Under $80
Electro Harmonix (I can pay a little more for these)
Entertain me with offers!

Also, if you have an Electro Harmonix Synth or an Octave Pedal, please post!

You can contact me on AIM at ohspyro89 or ohspyro89@gmail.com
i have a boss compression sustainer cs-3
good as new condition
rarely used
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If the offer for the CS-3 falls through, I have a Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter that I don't really use any more. If you're at all interested feel free to message me on AIM - tehfoxofsuper.

EDIT: Just saw that you said under $80. Oh well. I'll keep the post here anyway just in case.
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hey man i have a digitech main squeeze compressor sustainer for just 45 shipped!!
pm if your interested
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marshall mg100dfx some people slay but i love it, think its a good amp for the money and you cant go wrong with marshall...its english!