I dont know if this is normal but when i play the B and a stings open i get this slight sound from one of my other strings and it really messes up my playing at times

Each of the strings has a corresponding vibrating one, like if i play e open the A string vibrates and its to the point you can hear it pretty well

Is this normal or is there a way to fix this myself or should i just give it to the local guitar shop to see if thay can fix it over a months time

Well, if it bugs you that much then yeah, bring it in and get it fixed, might have something to do with your intonation? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty much a n00b.

I have that on my guitar, except it's only with like 2 notes...
ya it happens with almost every fret up both of the strings, so its hard to get away from it
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If it is every fret, possibly the string is not in the saddle right. Just check that the string is in properly.

Also play the string and see if it is hitting anything, your action might be too low.

It could be that or bad strings. Reply back with how the saddle is and action.
Learn what intervals are, then ask that question again. What's happening is normal, and all properly tuned guitars do it. Have you never noticed that when you tune up, that other strings are vibrating along with the one that you are trying to tune? Each string, at pitch, will produce other notes that are on the guitar, through intervals. Actually, the better the guitar, the more pronounced this will be, and the better it sounds. Harmonics is another, better known term. Mess around with harmonics at the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets, and see what happens to other strings when you get certain notes ringing.
my stings are alright, its happened to different pairs of them, and its on the saddle, nut right same with the action
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