I was thinking of an Ibanez RG2EX1, which is $300, but I don't know if I should go ahead and spend an extra 100-200 and get a better RG that will be better in the long run.

What do you think?
You can get a schecter hellraiser for 500 and a classic for 550. much better than those ibanezs
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I dunno, the Hellraiser is a good guitar but I'm kind of leaning towards an RG.

why? hellraiser has everything and its about the same price as an ibanez which will have stock pickups and probably a cheap FR. only think ibanez has on schecter is the neck. otherwise, schecter is cheaper and better for the money.
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I got a Kramer Striker about this time last year. Looks great, sounds good if you EQ it right, and a decent LFR.

Haven't had any real problems with it, just some minor issues. I would suggest getting it set up in a shop, though.

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