alright, I don't have a real metronome, but I use the metronome of Guitar Pro. Now, the problem is that I can't seem to be able to actually PLAY 4 notes per beat. I mean, when I'm trying to do that, it always seems that I'm not playing evenly. Damn, I guess I can't explain it properly. It's like I can play one note per beat properly, but when it comes to more than one note, then it gets difficult. I really need to gain some speed, and as far as I know, the metronome is the only thing that can help me do that. Does anyone else ever faced this sorta problem?
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Like, you're not sounding the note on the beat?

The only thing you can do is start UBER SLOW. The click and the pick hitting should be at the exact same time, then move the metronome up a TEENY TINY bit. That's really the only thing to do, man. :l
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i try to understand what u mean.....which speed is your metronome running when you're practising?
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Yea that might be it.... Slow down the metronome until you can do it perfectly, then build up the speed!
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When I switch to a completely new tempo, that happens too. I just tap my foot to the beat for about 20 seconds and then divide it in my head and count out loud until I get 4 even notes. Then I move my picking hand in that rhythm and just start picking notes.
Sound it out 1 as it clicks, then follow it with an even 2 3 4, 2 2 3 4, 3 2 3 4 , 4 2 3 4..... and if that's too much to master at the moment, just click 2 3 4, click 2 3 4, click 2 3 4, click 2 3 4, and sound out 1 on each click. Once you have that down evenly with a deadly slow tempo, such as about 10-20 bpm, then start playing to that auditory counting that is following the click of the metronome.

Try this out: http://www.pinkandaint.com/weirdmet.shtml. It's a REALLY small virtual metronome, and not weird in any way, but just... awsome in it's flexability/"custimisability".

"Weird Metronome" It's a great little metronome that I found. Very easy, and quite simple layout, but with a few ... shall we say, "more advanced" features. Try it out and see if you like it. It allows not only for your basic clicking, but uses a midi interface to allow the user to have various time meters, and even different sounds on different beats... all without becoming complicated or over showy. It has a nice, simple window interface.
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