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1). Which Baroque era composer devised this rule of thumb:

"The general rule for the length of an appoggiatura is that they take half the note value of the note following it, if it is in duple time, and two thirds if it is triple time” ?

2). Explain what an appoggiatura is?

3). In classical terms, what does the minor scale actually refer to?

4). Name the mode that has the formula 1 2 b3 4 b5 b6 b7

5). To which scale type does the answer to 4 belong?

6). Over what mode is a Maj7#11 chord played and could a Maj9#11 chord be played over this mode?

7). The susb9 chord is typically played over what mode?

8). Listen to the piece El Flamenco and name two modes you think that are used in this piece.

9). What chord tone is this? Chord Tone

10). What notes are present in this chord tone? Name the intervals.

No discussion of answers in thread allowed. PM your answers to Guitardude19. Quiz closes this Thursday.
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Submitted. I wrote some random answers at classical questions as I didn't know it!

Same thing with sound samples cause I didn't have time and I svck at ear anyways!

....But I still answered a few questions!
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Just a heads up.... Im looking for 4 points in question 2.... One mark for each point you get.

There are 16 points available...
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Ive had 5 people submit so far. Its going well, except question 2 lol..... Oh boy.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
hehh..submitted, i didnt know what the first 2 were, maybe not the 3rd. I always do worse than i expect for these things..so hopefully i did decent

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