Say if i wanted to paint a stripe about an inch wide on top of my Strat and all the way around (I'll do a quick picture of what i mean in paint tomorrow). I have an old old old Squier Bullet, so the contour isn't a problem. What exactly would i have to do?
Sand to the wood, and start from there? And my strat is black, does anybody have any cool suggestions for colors?
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i have that guitar and sanded it all the way down a couple weeks ago

it'll take ages. best off just to sand a little bit off, then tape the area off and paint it
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colors: white, red,

easy way: matte paint (no real finishing)
i have a 'white guitar'
Any color will go w/ black! Just sand off enough to give the new paint something to grip to. I'd be tempted to go to a place that sells car paint to buy paint. Most car paint now-a-days has color base and clear coat mixed together so they can spray only one paint on the car. That would save you TONS of work later trying to clear coat the whole thing to match it. Some 1500 grit sandpaper (yes they sell it that fine) and a good car polish should give you a smooth transition between the old and new paint.
Steps to painting a stripe on your strat:
1. Paintbrush+Paint
2. Paintbrush+Paint+Guitar
3. ???
4. Profit
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