This is a poem I wrote about a chick, then again all my poems are, but this time, its just about her giving me signs, well that I thought were signs, then I'd talk to her about them, only to find out that those signs never existed, meh I am not upset about it, just confused. C4C.

It seemed to me that heaven sat beside her child
Holding me warmly within her arms
It seemed to be like heaven grew within a mile
But I wasn’t near close to any dying
She seemed to me that bliss was landing on our hearts
At a first second, eternity existed
She seemed to be like an Aurora smiling at her stars
And I just stared back, wondering
Oh she seemed to me…

And today’s something very different
Cannot say that I do not miss it
But today’s yesterdays missed-tress (mistress)
All her signs existed inside me

Oh she seemed for me…
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