What kind of pick-ups did he use? He had single coils and I heard he used Lace Sensor pick-ups but I want a single coil pick-up that can give me that Smashing Pumpkins distortion. What do you people recommend?
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At the London gig they done not long ago he was using a Strat that looked like it had stock pick-ups. He was using a Diezel VH-4 though, thats where his tone really comes from. A darkly voiced tube combo with a Big Muff and a Strat would get you close, the VH-4 is really really expensive.
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he had 2 or 3 strats and a few gibbys if im not wrong. and hes got one of the biggest amp collections, quite alot of pedals too. good luck getting that sound of his, pickups wont do much.
Blue Lace Sensor NECK
Silver Lace Sensor MIDDLE
Red Lace Sensor BRIDGE

Either a Big Muff or Fenderblender
^I think that's pretty accurate to his setup, I remember reading it somewhere.
Its all in the amp man! but I would try humbuckers (Stock even)

He has a pretty fat sound so a Big muff would go nicely!

What amp do you own TS?
Yikes... Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, I have a Boss DS-1 right now, but I'll be getting a Sansamp GT2 Amp simulator thing soon, which i hear is better. I plan getting a cheap strat and I was going to change the pick-ups and everything. I wanted some pick-ups that could dish out distortion like humbuckers.
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his big muff was isnt the current production (of course). its either the rams head muff (2nd version) or the triangle muff (first? version). supposedly they sound pretty different from big muffs available now. he's got more than one fuzz anyway.

i think heartbreaker is right on his pickups on some of his strats, i think they're swamp ash though. your HRD probably will be a stretch to get his sound, since he used many amps like marshalls and diezels.
yeah, the Lace sensor blue/silver/red is right on
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