Hey all, just bought a 1987 ibanez s540, getting it next week. Never played with floyd rose before.. (Tuning/ drop tuning aside) i heard bending strings can be problem? I.e other strings go out of tune. Also bending one while playing another i.e unison bends.. I use bends alot as i play alot of p floyd stuff. How much of a problem is this?
No. Bends are actually easier on a floating bridge such as a Floyd-Rose. What you've got to worry about is tuning issues (It won't do Drop D, Drop C etc.) and using the same string gauge when you change the strings (preferably light gauges .9s, .10s etc.). A Floyd-Rose holds its tune better than loads of fixed bridge and vintage trem models because it has a Double Locking System (i.e it has 3 locking nuts near the headstock that you can tighten which makes it stay in tune).

P.S One issue that I've found when bending on a Floyd-Rose is that if you have any other strings playing (Like open low E while bending 7th fret on the G String), the other string bends down out of tune. You can't play any other notes except the ones you are bending because it'll sound terrible (like if your playing the verse riff from "The Memory Remains" by Metallica.)
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So when u unison bend i.e play e 15th bending b 18th to 20 e will bend out of tune? And is that just while playing the note or the string goes out of tune for good? Sorry technical knowledge low!
There is a minor problem with string bending. Like this unison bend assuming your refering to two strings being bent up at once, thats fine I've never heard any problems

BUT for an example of problems you can get, strike an open string, then bend the string next to it and listen to the string you struck first
Notice the pitch changes as you bend the other string? thats one such problem but its not a major one you just have to watch out for this kinda thing
Well I had this problem when I first started playing with a floating bridge. However, with a bit of practice you can bend both strings slightly to hit the notes correctly.