awesome song dude, i think how you guys sorta chant the lyrics gives it that extra edge.
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Thanks a lot dude. I've always liked the back and forth vocals deal too so i find they shine through a lot in that song. Glad you enjoyed
Great Job. It had a great hook, the vocals were pretty sweet, and I liked that it wasn't too long. It's so easy to drag a song past boredom and this, I think, ends with the listener wanting more. Which is a great thing. The guitar part was pretty good too. 9.5/10
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I loved the drums, and the rythem at the verses, pretty cool...
the vocals were pretty great, loved the melody and the timmbre, though they just gave me a too punkish feeling , but that's me, according to the responses they're really good for the song. so that's it...

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thanks a lot everyone! I'll check out your tune once i get on a different computer with speakers haha
What equipment/programs did you guys use to record because the quality is awesome.......cool songs by the way, they were very catchy
Just ruffle up, you're not alone now.
Before it's yours it's taken away.
A better design of what it's all for.
Breaking it down where you'd never lay.

You're taking too long and they all know.
But we're running away. It might feel wrong,
but we're running away.
If you were home you'd know/ we're running away.

And if I kiss your lips, will it break your smile?
Running through your options, they're all drawn out.

Let's pretend you're the only one.

I think it's time that we draw a picture.
A better design. Count all the figures.
I think it's time that we make it bigger.
Master the crime, just pull the trigger.

What if I, what if I had a way no consequences were rendered?
Shouldn't be trying to make this easier.
It is what it is and we may never find a way.
We'll never see tomorrow you'll be stuck in yesterday.

Let's pretend you're the only one.
(99 problems but a bitch ain't one)
We're running away.
for guitars everythign was done through a cheap randall amp. the half stack cost like 600 canadian. really cheap. For guitars we used an SG and a guild. There were a huge series of mics used throughout the recordings. It was all done in protools
thanks a ton dude. It means a lot when people who dont even like the style enjoy it