i currently have a Gibson LP Special and Fender Princeton Chorus Amp. I hate my sound. Mostly want to play classic rock. i do not play in a band, " basement player old guy" What would you suggest I change or add to improve my tone? Thanks
what exactly dont you like about your tone? too bright? bad overdrive

with the gear you've already got i find it hard to believe that youve got a bad tone, perhaps just not the tone for you. You could sell both you're guitar and amp and start from scratch but i'd suggest that its your amp not the guitar that you dont like the tone of, in which case you could sell youre current amp on ebay and look into some smaller boutique amps if all you do is play at home.

Also you could try changing pickups on the guitar but once again its hard to recommend something without knowing whats wrong with the tone youve got. Perhaps all you need is a couple of good eq and overdrive pedals?