I'm getting pretty tired of all the songs I have.
So tell me your favorite song(s) ..

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mine is: swing life away - rise against


wow...just wow...
Some people like cupcakes exclusively, while myself, I say there is naught nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of God's grey Earth as that prince of foods:

the muffin!
The 'cool' kids on the forum will probably come and berate you for this, as I see someone already did.

I have quite a few favorites at the moment, mostly metal but I tried to find something from other genres too.

Kalmah - The groan of wind
Pantera - Where you come from
Turisas - Cursed be Iron
Nick Cave & the bad seeds - where the wild roses grow
Sage Francis - Black out on white night
Children of Bodom - Sixpounder
That changes pretty often but right now my absolute favourite song is probably Danzig - Mother.
changes all the time, but today is Forsaken from Dream Theater
My Old Progressive Metal Band:
For fans of Between The Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Cynic.

My New Progressive Rock/Djent Band:
Wings Denied
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