I want to learn how to play sweet home alabama, nothing I have been trying is working. Can someone help me with amp settings and any other information that will help me learn the song? I have a schecter omen 6 and a vox ad30 amp.
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you should be concerned about the amp setting once you can play the song almost perfectly.

do you already know how to play the song flawlessy but just want the right tone to go with it?

if not, just get the notes, feel, etc, down perfectly before worrying about your amp settings.

good luck.
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if you worry so much about amp settings, you wont get anything done. try learning the riffs without being plugged into your amp, then plug in when you're confident with them.
If it's the actual song your worried about, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPPtWAT6V2U that is a tutorial for the intro, and the rest of the song is in his profile. If your looking for amp settings, good bit of treble, and maybe a slight bit of distortion if you want, but no amount of amp settings will make your playing sound better.
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Amp settings won't help you learn the song - just listen to it then try and play it, there's not really anything else to say. Start at the beginning and work your way through the song, maybe spilitting it up into smaller sections for the purposes of learninng.
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