is there anyway to sing/scream metal vocals without actually hurting your throat?

i have recently decided to try singing and screaming at band practices, and afterwards have a fairly sore throat..

is this a technique thing? or is my throat not cut out for screaming or something? i dont know lol..

any help would be good.. thanks
Get The Zen of Screaming. Seriously, it's verrrry good.
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try drinking hot tea before practice, and keep some type of sugarless(sugar closes your vocal chords up)mint in your mouth when doing it...that's what I've heard anyway
i hear smoking helps haha
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if by scream, you mean death metal screaming, dont do it. the only screaming that is acceptable is the halford/dickinson screaming. and if it is the ifrst, just sing. that "growling" sht is just gay
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Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

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Get The Zen of Screaming. Seriously, it's verrrry good.

sorry for the double post, but yeah I heard that's supposed to be really good
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i hear smoking helps haha

yeah i heard that too
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nah not death metal.. like metalcore stuff like killswitch and trivium.. mainly trivium style
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Yes, there is of course a proper way to do these vokills without damaging your throat, otherwise you wouldn't hear so much of it in extreme metal. As a touring musician you always have to be up to par with this sort of thing, and make sure you're not obliterating your throat like Phil Anselmo.

Zen of Screaming is the worst piece of crap you'll ever feast your eyes on, no matter what vocal style you want, unless you want to sound like total utter sh1t. It's neither good for proper metal vocals, nor metalcore/hardcore/screamo/whatever other style you want to imitate. Whoever tells you Zen of Screaming is good clearly has no idea of what is good and what is not.

Smoking does not help at all, milk and honey does not help, alcohol does not help as it apparently kills phlegm needed for doing vokills, but tea with lemon is good (warm/hot tea).
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so i have to drink tea before i scream?

No, you don't have to, but it helps. Also, by "scream", what sort of sound are hoping to accomplish? In a more hardcore/metalcore vein? Because, that would be best discussed in the hardcore forum.
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