I'm still looking at tube amps, and was almost decided on a Laney VC15, because people recommended it to me for my styles. I could get a hold of an LC15 for £100 cheaper though.

My question to you all is which to get? i would love to save money!

I must note that i will rarely be able to crank it, so i will have to buy overdrive pedals!

Im primarily after a usable GnR sound but will be buying overdrive pedals to get this because i can only crank when my parents go out, and it would annoy the neighbours. Can the Lc15 get that kind of sound with the right pedal?. It needs great cleans, something usable for SRV.

Seeing as the amps overdrive wont be too much of an issue, im just wondering whether there is any point in shelling out an extra £100 for the VC. Im not interested in the LC15r because i have no need for the extra features it has over the standard 15. No room in my house for a cabinet, no need for reverb, if im that desperate i can buy a pedal, and i heard that the FX loop is rubbish, something to do with its volume or something.

I do not want the amp if there is no way of getting a decent slash sound (with the right pedal) so will the LC15 do? Can i get that marshall tone with this amp or is it just too bright? should i save more for the VC15? What pedals would work with it?

how much money do you actually have?
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£250 but thats not really an issue. cheaper is always better but if the lc15 cant get my sound then id pay more for the vc.

edit.. well, £210 now, but £250 when i get paid. i dont really want to pay more than that
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