I have a Js1000 and have had a lot of issues with the trem system.

So i paid to have it set up and it was playing okay, except that I wanted to change the tunings on the guitar. Being that it is a double-locking trem system, I purchased the Tremol-no. I put it in and now the whole set up is jacked up.
The strings vibrate on the frets, it wont stay in tune, etc.

I've almost given up on this whole thing.
I am thinking about trading the guitar in for something a little less complicated. Like a Gibson or ESP. Something with a hard tail.

Would I be missing out on much? I don't use the dive bar all that much in the first place, just wanted to do drop-D or drop-C tuning or even E-Flat.
You wont miss a thing. I've felt the same thing many, many times. Floating trems are just too much hassle for their functionality. Does anyone actually use the trem a lot? I for sure dont.

If you, like me, feel that you dont need it, then trade it. Really.
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