I'm not really a fan of John Mayer but a friend is and I figured I'd learn and play some songs for her birthday coming up soon. Are there any easy songs by Mayer that someone who doesn't really listen to him may be able to pick up quickly. It also helps if its a romantic song
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It's not easy. Neon's a great one. An excellent groove is "Who Did You I Think Was", never get bored of that. "Why Georgia" is a great finger picker. "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" is a tear-jerker, with a terse but powerful solo. I'd look into all of his stuff, and "Stop This Train" is pretty powerful. Theres just a few to get you started.
Stop This Train isnt that hard, and its really beautiful, too.

Good track from Continuum......
There's a song he does called 'Victoria'. Maybe I'm being a bit speshhhul but I've not seen it on any of his albums. Its a great song and relatively easy to play also. I'd say check that out .
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