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you joking about this guy>?

Agreed. That was probably the worst playing Ive heard in my life!
and he did it on a jem77 universe...shame..
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Buckethead and Paul Gilbert could own those fools.

Just because it's fast doesn't make it clean and fast.

I just watched the second video you posted. First off, not NEARLY 160 nps. That would be...ridiculous. Fastest I have ever seen is 33 nps I believe. Secondly, if you posted that in the shred forum, everyone would just laugh in your face! It sounds like crap, isn't clean at all, and could be sped up.
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2nd vid=shameful why bother it sounded like ultimate crap and then youre gonna show this off to the world? wtf?
1st vid = bwahaha the Friendly nieghborhood drunk with the electric wrist. I like his guitar looked like a hi line Aria Pro2 Urchin.
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Just because it's fast doesn't make it clean and fast.

wtf... if it's fast it isn't fast?
Even if it's still a pile of crap with gain on 20, it's still fast. fast is fast, clean is clean.