Band name- Random Confusion


Genre of music_ WE play metal,rock,emo, and punk

Links to websites or notification of gigs--- u can contact us at our myspace--- www.myspace.com/randomconfusion40 the myspace has only one song which is bascialy and idea for a song that hasnt been finished. overall we (the band have been toghter for about a month. the members are bobby martin-lead guitar, brad giamperto- rhythm guitar and aron miller-bass. we all take out turns signing as each one of us specialize in a differnet kind of music. beacuase there is no lead singer we are different then many bands in that u never kno who is singing or which one(s) of us are siging. we like to have all of us sing the chorus for a different sound if it fits to the song. right now we are looking for a drummer in the area. however we are perfectly happy without one beaacuase we dont want to be a sterotypical band and have the normal 1/2 guitars, bass, singer, and drummer. we want to be diffferent and sound different. so yea peace
Very different of what I usually hear but actually it sounds pretty good just the same notes were repeated way to many times.
Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult

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well all i can say is it needs to be cleaned up a bit, it sounds like a big mess as of now.
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It sounds like a total of 5 notes are used... and they just keep repeating from high to low..... poor
I would definitely work with the guitar tone so it doesn't sound so thin and sloppy. A bit repetitive. Its kind of hard to know how I would feel about this if it had drums and vocals, it could go either way. c4c? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=609886
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Ohh... you don't like pop music. Ahh I see, that must make it suck then.

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