i change my play style all the time and need a decent amp i can get for under $400 that will play a range of things like metal, but it also needs a decent clean tone for blues. it needs to at least sound decent on an RG120. i know this is a lot to ask, but i was most likely going to buy it off of ebay.

any suggestions?
the Vox Valvetronix series would work for you and i believe it is in that price range
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I'm thinking of turning in my PodXT Live to guitar center. it's in great condition, do you think i'll get a decent return on it? or should i sell it on ebay? i really want a great amp, and i'm tired of just playing through headphones(although i'll be keeping them to play at night), i can't seem to get the right tones out of my pod, and i can't get any good clean tones. i'm hesitant to sell the pod but i really want an amp that will sound good and do some of the same things the pod will. i don't think i need everything the pod can do, i just need some good distortion and clean tones, a little delay and chorus and i'm fine. then i can get a wah pedal later.

i'm seriously not sure what to do here.

btw, can the blues junior do metal, with the right equipment?
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+1 on the Valvetronix, but this should be in GG&A Forum
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i just got this new LINE 6 Spider III and i think it will have everything you are looking for. it has over 400 presets. it has 6 amp models. Clean , Twang , Blues , Crunch , Metal , and Insane.

it has a built in tuner, reverb. it has Sweep Echo , tape echo , delay , chorus flange , phaser , tremolo

channel memories
cd/mp3 plug ins
foot control and headphone line outs
distortion boost
noise gate
you can dial in your own tones and save them

and it has special hidden functions that i am not even gonna get into.. it is an awesome amp...... and it is only 300.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!