I have, do you?

People always make fun of me because of it. My best friend and I were at an airshow, and got to sit in a british plane. As I sat down, the pilot told me: "Mind your head!" in a very northen british accent (I think). When we got out, my bud said he thought the pilot had said "Major head!"

But I believe firmly that having a bigger head equals to having a bigger brain. So tell me, is your head really big? Pics allowed!
Mine isn't, but there is a direct link between head size and brain size, so consider yourself lucky.


I'm sorry to tell you, but having a bigger brain doesn't make you smarter. Btw, it's really mean if people make comments about that. Their heads are probably bigger than yours.
I thought you meant big-headed like over-confident and conceited and all of that.

but I'm not either of those

but there is this guy who is 4 years old at my church who has to wear an adult medium size helmet for his ATV..
Oh man... Helmets and caps are hopeless. 90% of all caps won't fit me at the largest size, and I have to get a haircut in order to fit into a usual bicycle helmet. Oh and only some headsets fit too, most of them wont reach my ears.
Mine is.

Get a lot of stick for it, actually.
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im more of a social godzilla than chameleon

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Hmm judging from your pic you'd fit in more with a fat busted tribute.
Mines pretty large actually.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
mine is above average i think

but i have lots of hair
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si senor

Dude did you have to say that i always used to tell my grandpa that when i was little and pe passed away yesrterday

Anyways,my head doesnt fit most helmats and or hats,