Im thinking about buying an electric guitar. I already have an acoustic, but i play just some nirvana, not much because it just doesnt fit me.

I want a simple guitar, not too expensive or hard to use. Just for fun, nothing serious. Besides, i cant even play that good yet, so i was wondering if this one is enough:


I just want it to work, i never played an electric guitar so i dont even have an idea of how it should be.

Thanks in advance.
that looks like a low quality guitar to me... even at that price range. search for the "kramer focus" guitars... they go for around the same price but are higher quality. or even a squier strat.
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I'll do it now, but can you explain what it means to be "low quality"? It reffers to what, for example?
^ it doesn't use very good parts, isn't that well put together or set up, can be difficult to play, malfunctions frequently ... basically, it's crap.

go for a Squier Fat Strat or Yamaha Pacifica