Hey there, I'm looking for a computer. I have a Fender Limited edition "Hot Rod" Fender H-S-S Strat. And an old Lyle Les Paul, that I am willing to trade.

The fender is in great shape, it has a nick on the back of the neck about 1/4" and a couple of little scratches that you cant see unless you really look on the front.

The Lyle is a project guitar, it needs new PuP's, bridge, tailpiece, and a little bit of love.

Got a dell dimension 8200 desktop. Windows XP, 2001 is the year though, but all hardware is pretty good. A nice reformatting would do it some good.
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i got an apple g3 laptop i'm looking to get rid of. good condition, Really nice for recording purposes. I would be interested in the strat too! PM Me
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you can build a pretty decent one for less than 500 w/o a monitor. its actually really easy, pm me if u want step by step on how to do it yourself