Hey do u guys know any good songs for summer i could download?
"You've got to dance like nobody else is watching.
Dream like you will live forever.
Live like you're going to die tomorrow,
and love like it is never gonna hurt."
-- James Dean (1931-1955)

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oh yeahhh
seven days in the sun by feeder is quite good.

"Just wait till tomorrow
I guess that's what they all say
Just before they fall apart"
how bout... you might like it....
summertime by sublime
i play bass,,, Jesus pwns ur face,,,

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school's out for the summer
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All Killer No Filler-Allthough its an album (and not a brillient one) its pretty much written about summer and the bands name even comes from summer: Sum 41-founded on the 41st day of summer.

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You keep seeing songs like KoC, SMBH, and Hysteria showing up on games, but I want Micro Cuts on either Rock Band or Sing Star. I want to see numerous masses of kids staring at the tv wondering what the hell they're supposed to do.
LFO has a song called Summer Girl or something
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anything by sublime or 311
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what i got by sublime, or anything by them actually
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my own summer deftones

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Don Henley- Boys of Summer
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mae - summertime
death cab for cutie - i will follow you into the dark
erm.. yellowcard - ocean avenue
and any dashboard really
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summer lovin A.k.a that one song from grease
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The kinks - sunny afternoon

One of the most summery songs I've heard.
I honestly hate that song..
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"I'd tap her like a Van Halen solo"

and your friends are all:

"Dude, is that a new ice cream or something?"
Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream
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Island in the Sun - Weezer
Sunshine - Matt Costa
In the Summertime - Thristy Merc
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Summertime - The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) and Jazzy Jeff
Can't believe no one said that

Was about to say that.. I was worry I'd get my ass kicked.

"Summer Time" - Ohio Players
Summer by Sum 41
I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth(The Summer Song) by Fall Out Boy
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