Basically I'm thinking about buying a tube amp, mainly for practising but it'd need to be more than loud enough to gig with.
I bought a peavey bandit a while back which is a great solid state amp, but I remember at the time i was amazed with the sound i got out a small vox tube amp with a zakk wylde mxr overdrive i believe i was using...
anyway, i'll be playing through a schecter hellraiser, boss me-50, mxr 10 band kfk EQ, and an overdrive pedal (whatever i buy at the time).

I'm not actually sure of my budget atm, so if you could suggest reasonably priced ones worth their while then im sure i could get the cash.

Again i must stress, the reason i never bought a tube amp in the first place was because i always worried about i wouldnt get enough gain at bedroom levels, which i'd be playing at most of the time other than the rare ocasion id be gigging.
I play mostly metal, i'd need enough gain to do everything from classic rock to death metal/hardcore.

I want to be able to get a nice blues-y/classic rock out it, yet be able to whip out extreme high gains, to pull of black label society, pantera and arch enemy type tones, then again that's what id have the pedals for, so just generally an idea please folks.
hmm...that's pretty wide range of tones you need there...it will be a great help when you can tell us your budget...roughly how much do you WANT to spend?
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Hmm, well obviously i dont need those EXACT tones haha, i just want to be able to whap out enough gain for pantera/arch enemy/lamb of god type stuff and be able to turn it down a bit and get a thin lizzy/cream/floyd/zeppelin type tone, the EQ i have helps with the tone a bit so its just really that sort of versatility i need.

Well, I'm really not 100% tbh, im not abosutly possitive im buying the schecter yet haha
But if i do buy the schecter, lets just say I need the amp and a decent OD pedal for about 400-500.

anyone help?
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For a 50 watt SS equivalent, you're looking at about 15 watt valve amp. Perhaps 10 watts, but yeah, that kinda area.

If you can afford it, you really can't go wrong with an Orange Tiny Terror and a 1x12 cab.
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