So far I know my chord construction theory, my basic scales, and techniques for playing guitar. Where do I go from here, is there anything else to learn, or am I set to write music?
Chord progressions. Check the sticky.
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Well, learn to apply them in every situation. I've been working on that for the past few months!

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build your creativity, expirement, then you'll figure out how to use all that stuff and make it into music.
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buy yourself one of those stand-alone type cd's where the cd provides rhythm and everything, and you just solo in the right key

oh and more complex scales always help (diatonic...pentatonic varieties..)
chord progression theory helps with riffage
i would say go with styles you like. For example if you like Eric Clapton try to find out how to play more like him. Take styles from different types of music and just try to form a blend so that your music is not only influenced by great music, but also original.

When it comes right down to it, who's going to like your music if you don't?