What's the most notable thing that anyone (your singer, guitarist, hell even a drummer) has said at a gig, or if you've been to a gig/concert, quote something from there?

One time I forgot the name of my own band... "We are- mother****ers, I wanna hear you scream for us- we ARE................... wait. who the **** are we?" (someone had spiked my coke right before we went on...)
So that categorizes in gayest thing you've said?

haha sorry, I'm in a ****ty mood cause i've been playing baseball ALL ****ing day.

but... since I've only played one true gig, I have none.. I need a band haha
At the only gig i ever had, the singer tried to copy the lead singer from MCR so he announced to everyone in the area that he had no underwear on.
One time this awful band from my school said, "we've been working really hard on our music."

they suck so bad.
Would changing words count? Played a gig and no-one was interested in the song, I was hating every minute so I just started this really high pitched nonsense, wasn't even singing real words.

It was a gig with 7 bands or so, so this guitarist and myself practiced like a week before it and went on first.
At my bands first concert when the cheering died down to a dull roar I started booing myself as I got on stage.
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One time this awful band from my school said, "we've been working really hard on our music."

they suck so bad.

same here, it was some band called falling upon tommorow, there drummer, guitarist, and bassist were decent, but boy there singer can't sing worth a s***
I copy MCR all the time. heh. only not directly.

"Hello Tampa...We are FAMOUS LIVING DEAD, we're from New Port Richey we shoot mother****ers like you!"

*say something realllly random* "Ooh, we're gonna get sexy for you in a minute"

Saying the 'I have no underwear' thing really gets them going cuz i'm a girl. =].

"I know something you dont know...*smiles evily*..." and so on.

i've said something along the lines of
"If you mother****ers don't start a mosh pit, I'm going to send the ****ing Black Parade after you"

EDIT: I boo myself all the time. or our band.
"As much as we like to hear you cheer. We LOVE to hear you boo. BOOOO!"

I quote things and say the word f uck in the middle of them.
Chuck Norris jokes involving my band members instead of CN are funny too.
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My band (was, we have a different name now) called Hammer of the Gods (No, we aren't an emo band, we were doing a Led Zeppelin cover show.) Anyways, we were playing with two other bands, a Beatles cover band and a Pink Floyd cover band. And we were second, so I introduced us, and ****. Before we started, I said "And if you're not already, prepare to get hammered." Laughter ensued.
and I accidentally screamed out "Come on, Toro!" Right before our lead guitarist broke out in solo. His name isnt Toro. So I had to play it off as that's his nickname. Luckily it was our first song of the night, and the nickname stuck anyway. =].
It wasnt really a proper gig.. i was performing at a coll gig and i was playing a Dashboard Confessional song so i was like...

"the song i'm gonna play now is from this band called dashboard confessionals, i know its emo, but get over it!"

and then i did the "good riddance" sorta thing where i played a bit of the intro and i intentionally screwed up a lil and i went like "****!".... crowd went mad at that....!
at jazz band gigs we all try to say the funniest thing while introducing ourselves. some of my faves:

...i play the kazo-I mean-saxophone...

I seem to have misplaced my bassoon so in the meantime i'm playing clarinet.

our drummer once said "I play the fiddle!" and did a little fiddle pose with two drumsticks. he actually does play fiddle

i'll think of others later.
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When launching into a cover version I once told the crowd "Now this is a song I wrote about Britpop and growing up, or something. I wrote this song and if anyone else tells you otherwise; they're a liar."

True story.