I've narrowed it down to two guitars. The first, which I've wanted for many months is the epiphone Dot studio. I've never tried it before, but It has the epiphone name which means it must have some quality, and I love the way it looks. I've tried the Epiphone dot (non studio) and it worked grat, I jsut don't like the size or look of it.

Second is the Godin Detour. For those who don't know about Godin, they are a prestigious guitar manufacturer which build Quality instruments. I love the feel and sound of this guitar, but the only thing I'm worried about it that it has a shorter neck (Not a junior guitar).

They both have humbuckers, and 22 fret necks. The Dot is 375 (Canadian) and since I live in Quebec (where Godin is manufactured) I get to pay a measly price of 389 CDN$ for the Detour.

P.S. I tried the Detour and Not studio Dot through a Line 6 head, with a noise gate, so I'm not quite sure about feedback
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