hi guys,i was wondering what kind of guitar i should buy since i play a lot of heavy metal.i'm thinking of buying the ESP/LTD AX-400 or the Schecter Hellraiser Avenger.
tell me what you think about those two guitars cuz i will happily take an of your suggestions
Schecter's got an 81 and an 85. better combination imo.

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LTDs are real quality stuff, at least the 400 series is. I know the Avenger has the EMG-81/85 set in it, so you could probably get some good stuff out of that as well...I think you could go either way, really. I'm partial to LTDs though.
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both good choices i have a schecter hell raiser and a ltd ex-400
i prefer the ltd simply cause the shape of the neck both place very well
Out of those two i would say the Schecter.
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I think you should play them, if you can. I've played products from both companies in that price range, and they make excellent stuff. I think the playability/comfort should probably be the deciding factor.