Hey guys, ive been playing guitar for a while now but i really don't know too much about guitars ie, wiring, pickups, so on... Ive been thinking about changing the pickups on my guitar, the ones i have know seem pretty crappy. I play alot of rock and am looking for i overdriven, edgy sound. What brand of pickups are best for this style of playing? thanks the the help
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Alcino II's? they're what slash uses.

Although TS: what amp do you have? pickups will make next to no difference if you have a low end SS amp
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What kind of guitar do you have right now, and what size pickups are you looking for(i.e. single-coil, or humbuckers)
Like everyone's said, an amp is more important in the greater scheme of things, however, if you've got a decent amp...

If you want good old fashioned rock and a gritty, raunchy sound then go for a pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates...they snarl wonderfully and are definitely edgy. Billy Gibbons uses them, they're great for those souther rock sounds.

If that's not quite your taste then stick a Duncan custom 5 in the bridge, it's a bit hotter, fatter and fuller and I suppose a little mre modern sounding but it still does those raunchy rock sounds really well. You could match that with a Pearly Gates in then neck or a 59 if you want the neck a little more polite.
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