My band and i are starting out small and working our way up. We are all the way at the bottom but my bass skills are pretty good(not great but good). I need some songs with bass solos as i am the bass player in the group. The easier the better but some hard songs are alright also. -Thanks-
Day of the baphomets-the mars volta, not actually that hard but really cool bass solo in the beginning.
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aeroplane- chili peppers.

...someone was gonna name them at some point anyway.
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NIB- Black Sabbath


and the bass solo at the beginning is called bassicaly. i have the tabs for it uploaded
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Tomorrow Belongs to Us- The Casualties

its a sick bass solo and very easy to learn.
its alot of fun and very impressive to watch/listen to.
it was the first bass solo i learned
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My Generation-The Who
The Fish (Schindleria Praematarus)-Yes
The Real Me-The Who (not really a solo, but the part is quite prominent and awesome.)