ok so since the fulltone 69 is discontinued, and the analogman sunface is too expensive. i was wondering whether a fulltone soulbender would do well trying to imitate that old fuzz face sound, maybe if driven by another OD? im looking for a pretty smooth fuzz tone which cleans up well and can give that slight 'wall of sound' effect. been considering other fuzzes like the fuzz factory, HBE UFO fuzz, MI audio neo fuzz too.

currently i only have 3 drive pedals. a fulltone OCD, MIT DS-2 and US big muff. selling the ds-2 and muff asap so i can get either a skreddy mayo/screwdriver or a catalinbread silver kiss.

probably getting a dynacomp too, if you guys saw my compressor thread.

dont ask what amp i've got, because its crap and im just waiting to get a VJ combo when i can find one locally, since i cant order online nor ebay.
You can still find the '69. I've seen it in two shops by me, one had it used and the other had a few new ones left over. Call around if that's the one that interests you the most.
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hmm.. i cant get the 69 anymore, since i cant order online. very few online stores still have it and those have probably jacked up their prices..

can the soul bender give a thick smooth yet woofy fuzz like the 69? and clean up well with HBs and SCs guitars?

what are the differences between the NKT 275 fuzz faces and the old mullard trannied tone benders?

the soul bender and the MI audio fuzz are the closest 2 Ge fuzzes i can get.. but the clips of the MI audio fuzz dont really sound so appealing to me.
Well try to get one on eBay or used, Mike Fuller recommended that on the Fulltone homepage.

If not get a Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz another great Fuzz Face replica.

The tonebender tone is quite different from the Fuzz Face tone.
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BOSS makes a great fuzz. It's called the FZ-5. It's not as good as a Fuzz Face or a Fulltone but it still rocks
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BOSS makes a great fuzz. It's called the FZ-5. It's not as good as a Fuzz Face or a Fulltone but it still rocks

Well, the (Dunlop) fuzz face is quite crap, so what does that make the FZ-5?
no boss/digital crap for me please. especially not in a fuzz. looking really for more of a boutique fuzz though, not many mass pro. can cut it.
you can get a used analogman NKT 275 for $180
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