Me and a friend made this song...i played guitar, bass, and sang...he played drums. We recorded this with a 5 dollar computer mic so sorry for quality...

It's not bad at all. I liked it a lot. It just needs to be polished a bit. Maybe work out some of the vocals a bit. It was pretty good overall.
I like this song a lot. I would increase the vocal on the background vocals a bit. When recording you might want to consider using a free download call "Audacity". Just google it. I used it on my song which I will ask you to review. You can record one track at a time and make adjustments on it. I loved the background vocals as they really set the song apart.

Great Song!

Would you mind reviewing My Lady Fair?

pretty catchy, i like it. the sound quality and vocals could use just a little work, and maybe the lyrics a tiny bit more, but other than that it's pretty solid. i like the guitar solo deal at the end. 7.5/10

would you mind giving my new song a crit?
drape yourself in greenery, become part of the scenery
-British Sea Power