Ok, I wrote this about two weeks ago, but it still needs a lot of work imo. Crit for crit if you want.
Verse 1
As the senate sits down the round table
Making up what they think is fair
The riot police out running the fable
For innocent skin is bare
And as the president watches PGA
and skins off all there pelts
there pelts are full of protest
shot out by bruise and welts
As one man sits at home
watching what's on the news
a poor man on crack pukes up blood
for the hospital refused
as a cop loads a gun again with
them goddamn rubber bullets
the man with the sign of truth up high
will soon go down.....with a welt!

Bam bam bam!
The welt will never fade!
Bam bam bam!
But they're never afraid!
Bam bam bam!
They never forget that day!
Bam bam bam!
For they can't take it away!

Verse 2
As the man who filled us with lies
runs to his house to hide
another man is taken down
while the protest reaches high tide
as support the troops, and protesters
fight each other to the death
the police sit and watch the show
taking another hit of meth
as the karma goes from bad to worse
America no longer walks tall
the emergancy response comes along
to provoke another brawl
as the cop illegally strip searches the kid
with weed in his shoe
the freedom fighters still fighting for all
will soon go down......with, a, welt!

*Guitar Solo*

like, a buildup to the buildup
One more time we sit around
we lose another man
One more time we let it slide
we lose another right
One more time this goes on
they recieve more green and time
One more time they commit a crime
covered up by bull**** lies!

*Now theres a fast-paced thing with the bass & guitar*

Fast-pased thing to go along with the guitar and bass
Another welt! Another welt!
Another welt!
Givin' them one more welt!
Another welt! Another welt!
Another welt!
One more welt to live with!
"Whatever music is to you, folk, ska, stupid, contemporary whatever...Whatever it is to you, that's what it is. To us, it's life...."-Dave "Stage "Williams