Ok, does anyone do this? My friend has a sector 9 and lately we've been making runs down some of the local hills and its quite a rush. I want to get a board of my own soon. Mind you, I've done skating quite a bit previous to this so I know how to do it and all that. I just want to start getting into long boarding. I'm basically looking for some of the best longboard brands and that. I'm going to be building one soon so yeah hit me up with what are the best decks, bearings, trucks, etc...
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i go abec 9's all the way.
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oh yeah for sure bro, do think certain brand hold up better than others of longer runs?
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my friend let me his sector 9 once, it was sweet
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yeah, i think im in love, its just so smooth, and its a rush, i need some bigger hills though
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I used to longboard for the snowboard/surf feeling and it was quite awesome. After that I got into flowboarding and then I moved and theres not really anywhere to do it here. Sector 9's are nice thou. Ive tried em before but i could never bring myself to pay that much for a board. For trucks i would DEFINATELY (sp?) check out Carver's longboard trucks. The rest is up to you though. IMO a deck is a deck maybe get something 7/9 ply. Personally I prefer the kicktail over pintail but thats a matter of opinion.
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get huge gel wheels, make sure they are gel, it's like riding on a cloud, skull skates make amazing longboards, as for trucks i don't really know, i think independent does longboard trucks, but definately get the gel wheels
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