Thanks for checking it out, what would you say the genre is?
Images And Meadows.zip
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First of all, how on earth are you supposed to play that? Way too fast for stretches like that.

Erm....HOLY DREAM THEATER RIP OFF BATMAN! I actually think you tried as much as possible to sound like Dream Theater (Images and Meadows?), what with all the (unnecessary) time signature changes.

That said, it was quite nice to listen to, even though it had absolutely no flow. I'd say that with different instrumentation it'd be a decent jazz tune.


This is, again, a blatant Dream Theater rip, but it's very nice, reminds me of something off of Falling Into Infinity. It all layered together very well, even though it was very repetitive. The upstroke/downstroke chords sounded really messy though, get rid of that.

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Ok, I uploaded it in GP5 and GP4 now.
Schecter C-1 Classic
Seagull S6
Fender Standard Jazz Bass
Epiphone Valve Junior Combo
Images: Really awkward flow man, it goes from metal to some kind of jazz, Also I think it gets a tad repetitive. didn't like it at all, I'm sorry .

Meadows: one word... AWESOME!! , I really enjoyed it, Didn't find anything wrong, just the bridge riff which sounds weird by itself, otherwise its great . good job!

I think the 2nd song compensates for the first one which i didn't liked .
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Images was really wierd lol....all the different time signatures really messed with my head.

Meadows is pretty cool. Much easier to understand then images lol. The instruments got kinda muddy at some parts though, i mean with all the different instruments playing at the same time. Overall, pretty cool.
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