I start University this August and I have a Music History class. I'm thinking of asking the professor to see if he knows anyone. If not I might take a class at one of the local community colleges, but I hear private lessons are much better.

What do you guys think is the best way to go about finding a guitar teacher?
Dunno what kind of campus you've got, but here at IU, there is no shortage of lessons. Frequently I'll see advertisements on poster boards on campus, in music shops, etc... for guitar lessons. If you can't find anyone, try asking your professor like you said, or hit up a music shop, or some other place where you're likely to find the information you are seeking.
Check music stores they offten have ads. Check the phone book there might be some music centres you dont knoe about in your area. Ask some guitaists you know, they will know the best people to see.