I guess I didn't really need to put this in the bass forum, but I feel more at home here, so here goes:

How do I mount casters onto my cab? It looks like there are only metal "bashguards" on each corner of the cab, held on by screws, but it doesn't look like I could just swap those for a caster.

Does this mean I have to drill holes into the enclosure to fit the caster? Isn't that bad for the cab?
I would guess you will have to drill holes, unless you can find cornerguards with castors on already. Drilling holes shouldn't affect the cab I don't think, it's just like drilling a hole for a thumbrest or pickup cover on a bass.
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I think drilling holes is a must, but it shouldn't affect the cab at all. You should be good to go
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You can just holes and use T-nuts to accept the bolts. If it is a heavey cab you may need an extra 1x for support inside the cab. You can also opt for kickback casters on the back and ad a handle. It isn't hard to accomplish.

Here is a pic of one of the cabs I build with the kickback casters.
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thank you for your help

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