A little while ago I found that when I relaxed, I could actually play quite fast, "shredding" if you will. Now that's all very well and good, but I don't feel as if I can use this effectively or melodically the same way I could at slower speeds.

Does anyone have any tips on which notes I should emphasise when shredding (in terms of intervals)? Perhaps any good starting shred licks? Particular modes or scales where the fingering is sympathetic to melodic shred? Apart from Phrygian?
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play a slow melodic solo, and on the last chord of the chord progession play a lightning fast run and end it with a huge bend. that always sounds cool lol

basically when you are playing slow, you can use fast licks and stuff like sweeping to create a little tension
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For some really good ideas for soloing watch Marty Friedman's 'Melodic Control' on Google Videos. He describes what is going on in his head while soloing. Basically its about following the chords and target notes.
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