uh i don't dig melodic instrumentals too much but this is pretty good. some intresting riffs but i overall i didn't dig it too much. then again our styles are like chalk and cheese so this is probably real good for a fan of that style

I'll give you an 8.5/10 becasue of the sheer effort you but it

for you,

if you dig Classical music crit this

or some of my licks for electric guitar

this one
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I realy like the main riff, its very catchy.
The interlude at 125 was also very good.
Same with that little brake down after that, it sounded alot like soilwork,
which was my favorite band for awhile.
Gotta be honest with you. didnt realy like the acoustic parts, except the one at the end.
And the solo is the same as the other song you made. its technicly good, but no feel.
its like your not playing in tune with the rhythm all the time.
Just listen to bar 182, it just doesnt seem right.
But at 194 when the harmony kicked in it was great.

But overall, its a good song.
Nice work!

Crit one of mine?
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that was another good one. the intro riff is a bit dodgey as the melody is hard to pick out if you know what i mean. also 7 - 12 then 7 - 14 stretch?

i love the bit after the intro tho, very good, just a calm part before launching back into the main riff.
now that ive heard the main riff more it sounds alot better
the breakdown is good but pretty generic. this really needs vocals for them powerchords sections as it can get pretty boring.

the solo is amazing as usual maybe i bit too much whammy abuse, but the harmony section is sweet.

the clean section after is well put together.

i really didnt like the last distorted riff it was just very boring and generic sorry. but the acoustic outro was nice.

overall pretty good, but im sure you already know it needs vocals.

mind checking mine out?
^^^ yeah i know what you mean but i dont acutally write songs as intrumentals :S i just cant rlei put vox on gp and we havent recorded as a band yet (summers comein tho ;l)
but thanks for the crit
yeah the strech in the main riff is a leeeeetle bit awkward but it aint too fast and iv practised enuf to make it easyily enuf :P
and yeah il chek yurs out (Y)
no it was just you never stated if it was gonna have vocals or not so i was just saying it could do with them
REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!...Though I'm not much into your style...I still like it great solo btw!!...


C4C maybe?...(on my sig)

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