that was quite good, very slipknot-esque mixed with some older, lighter dm influence methinks. Not sure about the 32nd notes, but still, sounded quite good. I liked the way the riffs interplayed with each other, but yeah, those 32nd notes sound like a swarm of bees in GP
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that was pritty cool (Y)
very slipknot yeah! bit of grindey vibe
But the one hting i would say is bad about it
is the solo!
it just omes off as rushed
and unneeded :S
sorry man but you need rethink it
if it was abit more melodic or relaly crazy noise itd fit much better
seems like you dint know wich was to go so kinda took the pussies root and made it half and half.
personally id go for a slayer style solo with lots wammy bar abuse and cromatics , i thinkt htd be pritty sweet jujst to add to the carnage
lisen to somethuing from r . i .b or maybe pulse of the maggots by slipknot for idea (Y)
crit mine?
i dont mind wich ones (A)
when you get the time