when me and my band are songwtiring most of the time one stupid little diagreement turns into a full blown war, anyone else here get that?
any ideas onto how to help it. its a pain in the ass.
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nope we never have it, but thats because its more my band seeing as i sing and play guitar, and the other two have their own side projects to voice their opinions in.

Maybe you should decide on a band leader, someone who you all agree has eevryones interests at heart, and who is responsible and all that stuff, then make his or her decisions final, that could help alot.

Or tell your other bands members to stop being childish and start compromising, if you like different genres, mix them together.
Resolve all your differences in a thoroughly final, indisputable fashion. Here's how it works.
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Maybe you should decide on a band leader...
I smell another argument brewing...
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Never had that, I know a couple of people argued over whether Herman Li is a British Citizen because he is of Asian heritage.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.