ok im really new to UG, so take pity on me

ive got a question, the song Snake Like Charm by godsmack, alice in chains, and creed rocks. but i cant find a tab for if anyone has a tab for it or wants to tell me where to get one i will be thankful
you should look for the 'search button' at the top of the homepage, enter 'godsmack', and you shall find.......................GODSMACK!!
Snake like charm was a band in the middle 90's that song, i just requested the tab for it lol


anyway, that song is called "Responsible for" the song is amazing!! but, there was a confusion in the P2p softwares in the internet, and ppl started to think that that song was made by alice in chains.... soo, its a great band i have their two albums, if u want , message me ill give u the link